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Homewood Health

We work with healthcare professionals, peer support groups, awareness organizations, employers, insurers, and other third parties who are looking for trusted, evidence based and best practice treatment programs to support their patients/peers/employees/claimants struggling with mood, anxiety, trauma, addiction and concurrent disorders.

If you're looking for information or resources for inpatient or outpatient mental health, trauma, addiction & concurrent disorders treatment, we're here help.

Homewood's Treatment Consultant Team

Cassandra Sampson leads the Treatment Consultant Team and works closely with our National Referrers – 

Contact Cassandra at:

Kelly McArdle focuses on Homewood Ravensview and The Homewood Clinics Edmonton & Calgary –  

Contact Kelly at:

Paul Obermeyer focuses on The Residence at Homewood and The Homewood Health Centre – 

Contact Paul at:

Candice Follest focuses on The Homewood Health Centre and The Homewood Clinic Mississauga – 

Contact Candice at: 

Homewood Health Centre (Guelph, ON) - Inpatient Treatment

The Homewood Health Centre (HHC) opened in 1883 and is a Schedule 1 Facility under the Ontario Mental Health Act and is fully accredited by Accreditation Canada. The HHC is a public-private model facility that has been a trusted treatment provider for Canadians from all provinces and territories. This facility offers inpatient treatment programs ranging from 3 weeks-4 months including:

  • Integrated Mood and Anxiety Program
  • Traumatic Stress Injury and Concurrent Program – Guardians or Cornerstone
  • Addiction Medicine Program
  • Eating Disorders Program
  • Assessment and Stabilization Unit
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Care Program
  • Program for Older Adults Mood and Anxiety Program 

The Residence at Homewood (Guelph, ON) - Inpatient Treatment

The Residence at Homewood is Canada’s premier private facility for mental health, trauma, addiction and concurrent disorders treatment. The Residence at Homewood offers best-in-class, medically based treatment, in a comfortable, luxurious setting for a maximum of 9 clients at one time. The Residence also involves a one week comprehensive interdisciplinary assessment, a completely individualized treatment plan based on informed diagnosis & joint goal-setting, pharmacogenetic testing, and a high individualized one-to-one to group treatment ratio. Treatment length is individualized for each person and will be a minimum of 6 weeks with a Recovery Management plan designed specifically for the individual. In addition to a highly exclusive well-appointment environment, The Residence offers private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a dedicated on-site chef, and on-site physical fitness facilities.

Homewood Ravensview (North Saanich, BC (Vancouver Island)) - Inpatient Treatment

Homewood Ravensview is the first and only facility in Western Canada offering private inpatient mental health services for individuals living with depression, anxiety, and trauma as well as addiction and concurrent disorders. Treatment length is individualized for each person and will be between 6-9 weeks with a full year of group based Recovery Management following treatment. Each client at Ravensview is assigned into programming based on their demographic and lifestyle factors. There are three programs at Ravensview: 

  • My Path Program - Young Adults (19-25)
  • Cornerstone Program - Adults (26+)
  • Guardians Program - First Responders, Military, & Veterans.

Homewood Clinics

The Homewood Clinics offer immediate access to private evidence-based outpatient services for mental health, trauma, addiction, and concurrent disorders. Treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary team of counsellors, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists as well as a consulting psychiatrist who work to customize the client’s care plans based on their individual goals, clinical needs and individual schedules. From individual assessments and hourly therapy to group-based day treatment programming, structured intensive outpatient programs (IOP) where clients attend program for upwards of 15 hours per week, and yearlong Recovery Management groups, The Homewood Clinic offers treatment that meets the individual’s unique needs. All of the services provided by The Homewood Clinics continue to be delivered virtually at this time.

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